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About Company

Doctors Group LTD is a start-up healthtech company with a sole purpose to enhance people's well-being by promoting a healthier environment, in body, mind and soul. Our mission is to enable healthcare providers to increase value by empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision in healthcare community, transforming care delivery to institution, and improving patient experience, all enabled by digitalizing healthcare platform technology.

Recently, the pandemic helped fast-track the new era of medicine where remote care has become the primary option for the most. During the covid- 19 pandemic, our healthcare platform technology has played a crucial role in keeping our society functional in a time of lockdowns and quarantines. With this, healthcare platform technologies have a long-lasting impact beyond covid-19.

Furthermore, the widespread virus has accelerated healthcare technologies including telehealth, online prescriptions, and digital payments. Digital healthcare platforms make the society more resilient in the face of global crisis and other threats. And Doctors Group believes that better care would result to a better life. Hence, digital technology will continue to advance in a way that improves people’s lives under crises.


What we Build

We work very hard to acheive these products. Happiness guaranteed! We work very hard to acheive these products. Happiness guaranteed! We work very hard to acheive these products. Happiness guaranteed! We work very hard to acheive these products. Happiness guaranteed!

Be best version of your self

The UAE’s only approved mental health and well-being platform with the advocacy to lead the way in reducing the impact of anxiety and depressive disorders on individuals by creating an online ecosystem of support.

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"Connect, Engage, Radiate"

An online health community platform for both patients and doctors to share, engage, discuss, and spread their knowledge. With Dakhtar, we hoped to become the channel in promoting patient engagement by reaching out patients all over the world and have a healthier society overall.

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"Doctors Everywhere"

Rouchetta is a remote care platform for healthcare seekers in Egypt. Our goal is to give the qwwhighest standard of healthcare services from the comfort of your home.

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"Find the right doctor"

Seeking medical help is definitely not a matter you can risk! It is your right to be confident and comfortable about the qualification, experience, and skills of the specialists that give you the needed medical treatment. Have you ever asked yourself where to find a good doctor, does anyone have enough resources to help you choose the best medical care? DoctorsAE enables you to make a better decision for all your healthcare needs!

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CEO Message

I am blessed to be an Emirati living in a country where women are the equal half of the society, respected, supported, and appreciated by all means. I am thankful for my role model Shaikh Zayed, my government, and my family because they are the reason I started my Entrepreneurship journey. I always thought I can give more, never hesitated to give up my fancy job to be able to run my business. I never thought I would pay any price for that as an optimist person, I see myself winning. unfortunately, I had to give something valuable to me (my well-being). Every Entrepreneur's might be the victim of their thoughts struggling through moments of near-debilitating anxiety and despair-times when it seemed everything might crumble. I made a promise to myself that I will never ever mask my emotions, I will talk about my weakness before my strengths, I will ask for help.

Hasna Al-Mutawa

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Inspired To Strive Harder

With the technological advancement we are facing in our day to day lives, we have paved the way to embrace the innovation in healthcare services to save countless patients and continuously improve the quality of life. Over the next decade, health systems will bring millions of people the power to seek care and wellness with sustainable, affordable, and most advanced holistic outcomes at the tip of their finger. Being said, Doctors Group has come to life through the initiative of passionate professionals led by an Emirati national with the intention of bringing patients across the GCC region and the rest of the world the best healthcare they deserve.

For the past years, we are in our utmost pride to be recognized in the healthcare industry. We would love to share it with you the milestones we have achieved.

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Selected to be part of Hub71 after a rigid application process.

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