Why you shouldn't whiten your teeth

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“Always make sure to smile you never know who might fall in love with you”

But can you smile if your smile isn’t shiny white? White smiles always make us feel more confident, we even regard people with white smiles with more admiration. Smiles are the passports to other people’s hearts and that’s why we make sure that we are smiling healthy

A white smile tells that a person is healthy.

The tendency to whiten teeth isn’t new, ancient Egyptians were concerned with this matter and created methods to achieve this purpose. They used pumice and vinegar. This method is definitely not favorable due to the damages it causes to the teeth.

Pharaohs weren’t the only ones who sought teeth whitening solutions, Romans were using the ammonia in urine. That is to say how far people would go to get a healthy white smile that will turn heads towards them.

Teeth whitening has become a major business in the last few years. This is majorly due to people’s obsession to put up a show for the public. You wouldn’t blame them, would you? Who doesn’t want to show off their white teeth for the world to see!

White teeth have almost become a sign of a good life and obviously, everyone wants every other person to think that they live a good life. Whether they actually do or not is an issue for another day.

These days it has become very intimidating to show off teeth in public that is none other than white. This has caused many people to venture into teeth whitening. People with already white teeth still get over-the-counter teeth whitening products and some still go to the dentists. How many more people with less than white teeth? This has made teeth whitening a big business in recent years. Nowadays, there are many teeth whitening products that you get confused on which to choose, from toothpaste, gel, strips, gum, bleaching trays or a dentist’s attention. There are quite a lot.

However, there are risks involved in the process of teeth whitening, and this is one thing that teeth whitening patients have failed to realize or pay attention to.

Some of the risks involved in self teeth whitening include:

• Hypersensitivity of the teeth with hot or cold materials, especially when it comes in contact with cold stuff like cold juice or cold water.

• It can permanently alter, erode or damage the teeth enamel.

• It can cause the teeth to become brittle.

• It can cause teeth to wear prematurely.

• It could irritate the mucous membranes.

In order to minimize the risks involved in teeth whitening, the very first thing is to ensure that you don’t try to do it yourself. This has to do with your health, your smile, your image. If you didn’t spend 5-6 years of your life in a Medical College studying dentistry, just stick to farming or teaching or marketing or whatever profession it is that you are practicing. Don’t intrude into someone else’s job. You could try to whiten your teeth on your own and at the end of the day, you get your whole gum burnt black! What do we call that?

When you go to a dentist, the first thing they do for you is a thorough dental cleaning. Then they but a barrier over your gum to protect it before they start the process.

Except it is recommended to you by a dentist with a dental kit given to you, don’t try teeth whitening on your own. The last thing you want to do is go for over-the-counter products. This is very unsafe because most times you apply an unregulated amount of hydrogen peroxide to your teeth. This can cause impairment to the teeth and lead to the enamel being more porous (more prone to staining). It can also lead to increased tooth and gum sensitivity.

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