Why Is Everyone Cutting Their Hairs And Shaving Their Beards?

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Lucifer, a series viewed on Netflix, has an interesting way to describe what hell is from his perspective, it is being trapped in the same day over and over again the vampire diaries also had the same episode where Damon Salvatore & Bonnie Bennet get trapped in a loop hell of endless repetition of the same day!

This quarantine has got everyone going crazy, overcooking in the kitchen, overworking- out and for sure, over sharing a lot about their personal lives. It is definitely not healthy or wise to share a lot online about your life, the inside of your house, the details and saying where you live is probably not the best idea you need to share. But that is not our topic!

Have you seen David & Victoria Beckham's new hairstyles? well, believe it or not, they have made it themselves. Why? haven't you done something similar lately? you or someone you know?

The question here isn't whether you have or haven't cut your hair by yourself, but more like, why do people tend to cut their hair during quarantine?

Okay as far as science is concerned, routines don't work for everyone, and with the unpredictability of life, it can surprise us and get in the way of our plans.

The repetitive living of the same day, and practicing the same daily routine could put you at risk of monotony and boredom which will lead you to seek change; and since you can't change the world, you can always change your appearance!

Here Are Few Benefits Of Changing Your Hairstyle:

1- It Gives a great boost to confidence:

Changing up your hairstyle can do loads for your confidence. Whether it is finally taking that dive and trying out a pixie cut or falling in love with new trendy hair color, taking a chance on yourself is a great way to grow your confidence and love your new look.

2-Change in a hairstyle reflects a change in your life

 Do you remember that scene of any drama series on the TV where after a break-up the girl has this urge and anger and grabs a scissor and cuts her hair? As some sort f a statement that if she could let go of the most valuable element of her beauty she can definitely let go of the person she is no longer with! So maybe a new change in the hair is a new change of heart!

The options of changing your hair are endless, you Can cut, dye and even shave it! If it makes you feel better then embrace it.



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