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Escapism :


1. the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

“Sometimes the world is too dim to look in the eye, so instead we lean forward to and look at our devices. As some sort of escapism, some retreat that makes forget about our unpleasant realities and troubles. Especially during the time of a world pandemic & a quarantine! And while we highly advise you to make a heaven out of your own quarantine. It is, however, inevitable to not use your phone.

How many times a day do you let go of your smart device? Have you ever thought of the number of hours that you spend using your smartphone scrolling through applications, one after the other?

But while we tend to forget our realities so hard, we should keep conscious of body and health.

Turtleneck syndrome, text neck and tech neck all are synonyms used to describe the illness that results from the wrong postures throughout the day. From leaning forward or bending one’s neck to see their screens!

So, what is this text syndrome? And why is it important for you to pay attention to your posture throughout the day.

Defenition of Turtleneck Syndrome:

According to  US chiropractorDr. DL Fishman, Turtleneck is a term used to describe the state on which the repetitive stress on the neck causes injuries in the neck. On which the wrong neck posture, while using your smartphone to text or to watch, over a sustained period of the time, can result in pain and injury in the neck. It is also known as Tech Neck or Text Neck syndrome.

This syndrome is considered a growing international problem since children also could be at risk of it. considering the need to raise awareness regarding this matter, we felt the urge to present to you this article. 

So what is Turtleneck syndrome, why should we pay more attention to our postures, what are the symptoms of it and most importantly how do we treat and prevent it?

First, we need to understand the risks of continuously practicing the wrong head posture?

Effects of the wrong posture:

1- Neck, back, and shoulder pain.

The wrong Posture can lead to tension and pain in the neck, upper back, lower back, and shoulders. Sometimes people try to overcorrect on their own wrongly by pulling their shoulders back too far  which is a bad idea because this could cause muscle tension and stiffness.

2-Poor circulation

By sitting with poor posture all day, you’re keeping your body from obtaining the necessary circulation it requires. 

3-Impaired lung function

Poor posture can affect the amount of air you’re taking into your lungs when breathing. Leaning or hunching forward all the time can negatively influence your lung function and capacity.

4-Poor digestion

 When you slouch, you compress your abdominal organs, including your digestive tract.

5-Constricted nerves 

poor posture can cause your spine and other bones to shift their position. This is because your skeletal system starts coming into contact with your surrounding nerves,

6-Misaligned spine

if you perform most of your everyday activities with bad body mechanics or are stressed or injured in any way, you could end up with spinal misalignment and muscle spasm.

7-Curvature of the spine

8-Headache and jaw pain

Now that we understand the risks of bad posture on the body, let's move on to the symptoms!

Turtleneck Symptoms: 

1-Pain in the neck, upper back, and/or shoulder.

2-Forward head posture and rounded shoulders. 

3-Reduced mobility


5-Increased pain when neck flexion.

6-Cervical radiculopathy. (Often described as electricity or pin and needle feeling from the neck down to the arm and hand)

7-Balance issues

8-Jaw pain

Now that we know the symptom, you must be wondering about the turtleneck syndrome treatment and prevention!

Here are some treatments and preventions of the Turtleneck Syndrome:

1-Change the way you hold your phone. For example, try raising your phone to the same level as your chin.

2-Take sometime off your smartphone, take a break from social media and internet platforms. Socialize more with friends and family. And Fika!

Fika is a Swedish term to describe coffee and cake break.

3-Stand-up correctly

4- Excercise more often.

Yes, obviously almost every medical advice seems to be telling you to practice the blessing of being alive more efficiently, which means the more you take care of how you spend your time, you will be fine. 

Working out and eating healthy are usually underestimated by people. But the fact is we are not trying to be so self-righteous. But health-wise we are presenting to you how to look after yourself.  

If your symptoms continue for a long period of time, we recommend you to see a medical specialist or a physiotherapist, they will be able to help you assess your condition and help you correct your posture without unwanted consequences. 

Your health is your strongest asset and looking after it means a better life indeed. We understand that during the outbreak of a world pandemic such as COVID-19 and the strict regulations of being quarantined can be stressful and that people tend to be lazy while being at their homes, it is comfy and well-earned after working hard in the past couple of months!

We are here to care, should you feel like you are ready now to see a doctor, our platform can link you with elite doctors from all over U.A.E. 

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