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The forgotten stage with the highest impact

 A newly published article by Harvard Health Publishing (HHP) indicates that till we count 10, a new 60 women get pregnant. In the same context, a recent study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 36 low-middle income countries, found that 25% of the occurred pregnancy was unintentional. That includes 74 million pregnant women annually, which resulted in 25 million unsafe abortions and 47 000 maternal deaths each year.

The better preparation and planning for pregnancy, the healthier pregnancy for both mom and fetus and safer delivery with better health for both mom and baby. This article defines pregnancy planning and highlights critical tips for women in the main aspects.

Pregnancy planning refers to the necessary arrangements and preparations that couples should consider when they decide to expand their family and have a healthy new member.

The benefits of proper planning for pregnancy:

  1. Decreases the potential risks on both mother and baby in the future,
  2. Increases the opportunities for safe pregnancy and delivery;
  3. Supports good health for both mom and baby.

Main aspects that doctors and specialists advise to focus on during pregnancy planning: 

  • Visiting the doctor:

The first step and most important aspect of pregnancy planning are visiting the doctor. The doctor will do necessary medical and genetic tests as well as review the family and personal medical history of parents. Upon that, he will advise in case of previous risks and chronical diseases toward medications, vaccination, foods, and beverages, changing lifestyle habits and so on. The visiting doctor should continue during pregnancy and after delivery.

  • The Nutrition:

The nutrition before and during pregnancy should be in light of doctor advises. With special focus during pregnancy while nutrition is not used by mom alone, but also shared with the fetus. Upon the direction of a doctor, mom should start taking prenatal vitamins such as vitamin D and floc acid (400 micrograms) before and during pregnancy. These vitamins can help to prevent neural tube defects. Mom should also concentrate on eating natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins and dairy upon advising quantity by the doctor while minimizing eating foods with sugar, fat, and caffeine.

  • Following Healthy Life Style:

When you start preparing for your pregnancy, your lifestyle must be healthy and should be consulted first with your doctor. These should include:

  1. Exercising for 30 minutes every day.
  2. Sleeping well of 8 hours per night.
  3. If doing a diet, it should be healthy and involving eating healthy foods.
  4. Avoid hard works and stress.
  5. Monitor hormones as they may cause nausea, food aversions, increased urination, and heartburn.

The pregnancy preparation stage is almost forgotten by moms, even, it is considered by a doctor a critical stage. Those moms who properly plan and prepare for their pregnancy considering doctor visits, proper nutrition and adopting healthy lifestyles will enjoy a healthy journey of pregnancy during the 40 weeks with much fewer risks imposed either on moms or babies. 

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