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No one denies the fact, that breastfeeding is the best. According to UNICEF, apart from having a complete formula of natural nutrients that is necessary for the healthy development of babies, breastfeeding may prevent over 800,000 deaths (13% of all deaths) in children under five in the developing world.

However, not all moms can produce enough milk naturally, or their infants accept breastfeeding. Moreover, few moms are either doing a tough diet that affects the supply of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals in the milk or being vegetarian. In both cases, Vitamins (B6, vitamin B12 or iodine) are not provided in enough quantity which may impact baby brain development negatively

This article recommends vital supplements for moms breastfeeding infants directly or through feeding bottle after pumping. Before we start, it is good to remember always that the supplements are not aims in themselves, but they are supporting moms to naturalize and maintain milk ingredients balanced

There is a wide range of breastfeeding supplements commonly known as “Galactagogues” including oatmeal, fenugreek capsules, Mother’s Milk tea, Pink Drink, and blessed thistle capsules. These supplements are full of vitamins and minerals critical for enriching moms' milk necessary for babies’ development. These herbs or supplements are available at markets in different forms (capsules, herbs, tablets, liquids, etc..), and they are affordable and easily prepared with nice tastes. These supplements include:

  • The Oatmeal

It is one of the effective supplements in boosting milk supply. It is recommended to be eaten every day at breakfast. In addition to being a milk supply booster, it is affordable and has no risks with delicious taste. For those who do not like oatmeal, they can add it to cookies or brownies and even make overnight oats recipes if they do not eat at breakfast.

  • Fenugreek

It is considered worldwide the famous milk-production booster. Fenugreek is common either in seeds or capsules forms. In the case of seeds, they would be boiled similar to tea. The seeds could be eaten as well as the drink. Upon drinking and eating the fenugreek, mom would notice the increase in milk supply either on the same day or the next few days. For those who prefer to take capsules, they can get two capsules three times per day or three capsules three times per day if the first try did not have good results.

  • Mother’s Milk Tea

It is probably the most omnipresent nursing tea, that could be found in all supermarkets or shops. The tea is rich in valuable ingredients such as blessed thistle, fenugreek, fennel, coriander, and anise. It is advised to drinking 3-5 cups every day, as the number of ingredients is much less than if being taken separately in capsule form.

  • Blessed Thistle

It is a kind of plants or herbs contains stem, leaf and flower and it is useful to increase the supply of milk. This supplement is almost used in conjunction with Fenugreek, and it commonly available in form of capsules.

Finally, the list of supplements is not limited to what mentioned above. It may include other ingredients or herbs in different forms. The most important thing to consider is consulting doctors before, during and after using any of these supplements. The new advancement in medical science brought dozens of new products either in capsule or liquid form. The liquid may include a blend of galactagogue herbs mentioned above including blessed thistle, red raspberry leaf, fenugreek, goats rue, and marshmallow root. If the supplements have side effects or did not attain the purposes of usage, then they must be stopped

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